Free Sample Pack- Black Swamp Tambourine

This is for all the people who have graciously provided many great,  free samples over the years. I have made my own sample pack featuring a Black Swamp tambourine.

Remember seeing that band where the singer was haphazardly bashing on their hip a plastic circle with thin steel jingles? This is my response to that and my vision of what a tambourine should really sound like. You may be asking, "Tambourine? That's lame, why bother?" Well, I hope to show with these samples the nuance and charm of this instrument that is underestimated. Use it for orchestral scoring, ethnic/ world beats, or to spice up your rhythm tracks with a new sound.

Model TD2, 10'' diameter, ash body, calf skin head, hand hammered Phosphor bronze zills

Articulations at several velocity levels: Dry, shake roll, shell pound,  standard hit, thumb roll, staccato thumb roll, zill spin, zill click, head slap, doum and tek.

The samples are in .wav format. I have included a mapping for the sampler ShortCircuit as well.

This sample pack is offered for free, with no guarantees. You may not sell them. If you want to feature it somewhere else ask me first, please. Used it in a track? Share it with me!

Demo of sounds (reverb added)
File Size: 3635 kb
File Type: zip
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07/15/2012 4:31pm

Thank you, that looks like one killer tambo. I found your site with the help of and I am looking forward to adding these sounds to my NI Maschine Mikro library and create something. I will keep checking back this looks like an interesting place. Thanks Subtersonic. P.S. Good name.

07/15/2012 4:52pm

Hey, I got your RSS feed for my HeadlinesTicker - Firefox add-on RSS feed reader and worked fine but you really need to add a favicon for your URI address and I just noticed there is no icon on the site address. No good, cool icons are all important. Take care.

07/15/2012 5:13pm

Hey WaterRabbit, thanks for checking in and the nice comment!
Yeah, good tip. I don't have a favicon at the moment because of my hosting service, I plan to get one going in the future. I am also planning on getting some more samples up in the future.

07/17/2012 2:21am

Thank you for your efforts. Downloading it right now and will give feedback after checking them out. I´m a huge fan of percussion instruments btw. :)

07/17/2012 12:06pm

You're welcome Sebastian, I'm a big fan of them, too.

07/23/2012 3:28am

I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned. I enjoyed every little bit part of it.
It contains truly information. I want to thank you for this informative read; I really appreciate sharing this great.

07/23/2012 5:00pm

I made a Battery 3 Kit. Simply load the file and locate the folder with the samples on your drive:

07/23/2012 5:35pm

Cool, thanks. Mind if I repost it and share with people at KVR Simon?

07/23/2012 7:57pm

No problem, share it!

01/04/2013 9:00pm

Great.Would you consider a video of what you just played?It would be very educational.

Connor Hobson
01/26/2013 3:44pm

Awesome pack

08/05/2013 6:13am


10/08/2013 5:41pm

Thank you so much for allowing me to use these fine recordings -it seems you have taken much care in producing this collection- appreciated -to be used initially in a new EXS24 sample set in Logic Pro -when Ive finished the track Im working on I'll share it with you. Many Thanks
Rob, UK

10/08/2013 8:09pm

Cool, thanks Rob. I can't wait to hear it!

07/11/2014 7:52am

These tambourine samples are boss. I've been looking for a while for nice versatile collection to load on my iPad

you rock!


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